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Marie Perkins, perhaps better known by her alias Bowie Style, is the creative genius behind the popular blog & book, Print & Pattern ( that celebrates the world of surface pattern design. Inkjet Designs is the name of Marie’s freelance design studio from which she licenses her art for greeting cards, gift wrap, stationery, and more. Marie loves bold pattern design from the sixties & seventies, and the freshness and simplicity of Scandinavian design. Marie explains her pseudonym in the book’s intro:

"When I signed up to the blog software I decided to use a pseudonym, to remain anonymous, and glanced around the room for an idea. I had a new book at the time, about my hero David Bowie, called Bowie Style, and thought that would do nicely. Little did I know several years later that the name Bowie would stick."

Print & Pattern Book One was released in the Spring of 2010 and includes the work & bios of 120 designers, including Robert Kaufman’s own Ann Kelle & Amy Schimler. From the book:

"Print & Pattern is a visual celebration of contemporary surface design. Compiled by the creator of the cult blog of the same name, this book documents the work of the best surface designers from around the world."

Print & Pattern Book Two has just been released and features 100 new designers to accompany the original without duplicates.

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