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Violet Craft

Violet  Craft

I am a licensed designer and distribute my own line of sewing patterns, but mostly I am a momma, a wife, a friend and a maker.

I was born in the Old West where I pursued my education in business and finance. The start of my career in software development brought me to the Pacific Northwest where I bagged my man, feathered my nest and stitched it all together. Drawn to art, craft and make-ing, the birth of my first daughter compelled me to ditch my corporate career and seek out my passion.

My children's apparel line, Kung Fu Bambini, reached boutiques in 2004. My first fabric collection and sewing patterns debuted in the spring of 2011, and I joined up with Robert Kaufman as a designer this year. I teach sewing and design workshops, which are often influenced by my awesomely nerdy former career.

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