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Christiane Marques

Christiane  MarquesChristiane Marques is a Canadian artist, designer and photographer living in Bradford, Ontario. Her work spans visual art, graphic design, textile pattern and landscape photography. She graduated from The Art Institute of Toronto in 2006 and is currently studying Psychology at Queens University. 

Nature has always been an enormous inspiration for Christiane, and her designs are dynamic, organic forms, developing floral patterns and animal groupings into vibrant artworks. She adapts these designs for textile patterns, surface, and graphic design uses. 

Christiane's grandmother was a skilled seamstress and a fantastic quilter; therefore, she grew up surrounded by fabrics, fashion magazines, beautiful gowns, and intrinsic quilting creations. Hence, her immersion into colour, detail and kaleidoscopic pattern started from a young age. Her first collection for Robert Kaufman, Terracina, was launched in 2018, followed by Venice. 

She lives with her husband, a furniture designer, their dog Liam, and their bunny Peanuts in a small town surrounded by nature and wildlife, which is undoubtedly a significant inspiration for her designs.

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