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Subhashini Narayanan

Subhashini  NarayananSubhashini Narayanan is an artist, illustrator, and surface designer known for her whimsical dreamy art.

She paints joyful contemporary designs, using watercolor, gouache, and ink. Her work is inspired by all things nature. She is so passionate about colors, shapes, patterns, and textures in nature. Her artworks can be seen in fabrics, wallpapers, stationeries, wall art, apparel, shoes, etc., 

She enjoys experimenting with new painting techniques in her sketchbook and sharing them through her online courses. 

She currently lives in Chennai, India with her husband, Kedhar (a fellow artist), and her two little daughters. Getting out with her kids, foraging for botanicals, collecting seedpods, and being curious inspires her creativity.

Instagram - @subhashini.artfactory
Website -

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