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Julie Letvin

Julie  Letvin

In  2009,  as  a  hobby,  Julie  began  designing  and  selling  quilt  jewelry.  Whether consciously or not, an idea was starting to take shape.Two years later, with avid support and encouragement from her husband, Greg, she realized it was time to strike out on her own to create an online business called Me & My Stitches. Designing the quilt jewelry, patterns, ruler boxes, and all the other specialty items they offer is truly what she loves to do. 

In  2019,  after  eight  years  of  continued  success  with  Me  &  My  Stitches,  Julie  was  presented with the incredible opportunity to design a Civil War-era reproduction fabric line for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Before having the chance to share this news with her family, Julie’s dad unexpectedly passed away. Having been born and raised in southeast Iowa on the Latty homestead, as was her dad, it was an easy choice to honor him, her mom, and the family farm, with her first line of fabrics and coordinating patterns. 


The Homestead Harvest collection was designed to honor Julie’s family’s farm,  her  mom,  Patricia  Bischoff  Latty,  and  the  memory  of  her  dad,  John Coe Latty (1938-2020). The farm was established by her great-great-grandparents,  Matthew  &  Sarah  Latty.  The  area later became known as “Latty”, and eventually there was a church, one-room schoolhouse, and a train station, all bearing the Latty name. The farm was eventually passed to her dad, who lived there his entire life.

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