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Sponsor Information: Janome

JanomeJanome has been at the cutting edge of sewing technology since the earliest days of its founding. They were the first to develop a computerized machine for home use (the Memory 7, in 1979) and the first to offer professional style embroidery to the home market (the Memory Craft 8000, in 1990). Today, they offer one of the most advanced machines ever conceived - the amazing Memory Craft 11000. They can proudly claim to deliver the most powerful, sophisticated home machine on the market, with patented technology and industry-leading software.

Yet equally as important as their innovative technology is the mission behind it. They know the most important thing about their products is not the machines themselves, but what you create with them. The better your tools, the more inventive, artistic and pleasurable your sewing experience. That’s why they design their machines for performance, but also for comfort, quality, and intuitive ease of operation. At Janome America, they want their products to inspire because the most important function of a sewing machine is to set free your creativity.

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Contributing Prizes:

First Place: Jem Platinum 760 sewing machine


Featured Products:

Jem Platinum 760

Memory Craft 11000

Magnolia 7330

Memory Craft 6600 Professional

Heart Truth 2008


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