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Sponsor Information: Oliso

OlisoOliso believes in user-driven design. Their engineers and designers go into homes, armed with cameras and notepads, to understand our user's lives and needs. They have spoken to people from all walks of life — from gourmet chefs, moms, college students, tailors, seamstresses, dry cleaners, to food co-op workers. They listen to your stories, they watch you use our products, and they strive to create products that fit into your everyday life.

OlisoOliso believes in the transformative power of appropriate technologies. They are geeks. They like microprocessors, clever mechanisms, and playing with their digital multiplexers. They brainstorm, build things, break things, re-build things, they tinker — all with the goal of building the best, most inventive, most creative products for you.

Since 2004, Oliso has been a leader in housewares innovation. With an interest in cutting edge technologies and a focus on solving people's needs, Oliso continues to deliver products that simplify your life.

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Contributing Prizes:

Third Place: TG800 iron from Oliso

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