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Ask Margrit Fall 2005

Quilting Questions Answered

The e-Forum column is dedicated to you the quilter. I would like to encourage you to participate in the e-Forum by submitting any events, thoughts, questions and hints to "Ask Margrit" and submitting you information via e-mail. If you submit information regarding quilting events in your area, we will post as many as possible. Please submit at least 2 months prior to the event.

In this edition of Ask Margrit:

Q: I received a box of quilt squares from a friend. She said the squares date from the 1920's – 30's. Should I sell them as is or make them into a quilt first?

A: I suggest that they be appraised by a qualified quilt appraiser first. If they do not have a significant value then you may want to go ahead and make a quilt. When making the quilt I would suggest that you use reproduction 30's fabrics so the quilt will still have the look of the era. If you sell the quilt you must disclose that the quilt contains newer fabrics.

There are several great books on the market with techniques to help you piece the quilt. Take the blocks to your local quilt shop for help in selecting a book. Your quilt shop may also be able to refer you to a quilt appraiser. AQS can assist you in finding an appraiser go to in the navigation bar at the top of the page click on "Quilt World" then in the middle of the page click on "Search for an Appraiser".

Unfortunately quilts of this era generally have more sentimental value than monetary value.

Q: I have trouble cutting out small pieces for a quilt. In order to cut it out I have to continually move the fabric. Is there an easier way?

A: I cut a lot of small pieces for quilts using a 5" x 7" cutting mat. I can turn the mat as I cut and not disturb the fabric. I cut one edge and turn the mat 1/4 turn to cut the next side. I continue to turn and cut until I have cut out the pieces.

Q: Is it possible to use eyelet to make quilt blocks or will the batting show through or come through the holes? I am designing a very delicate looking spring quilt and would love to employ eyelet in a few of the 9" blocks, but I am worried about how it will turn out.

A: If you line the eyelet with a cotton batiste (a light weight cotton used in French hand sewing) it will have the same feel as the eyelet and the batting will not show through. Lay the eyelet over the batiste and then baste the cut edge of the eyelet to a piece of batiste (the same color as the eyelet) that is cut the same width as the eyelet and then use it as thought it is one piece of fabric.

Q: How can I distinguish if a fabric is of a light, medium, or dark value?

A: Fabric can appear to be medium one time and dark another, it all depends on the color next to it. To tell the relative value of fabric choices, lay all the choices on a copy machine and photo copy them. The fabric will then all appear in black and white and it will be much easier to distinguish the relative light, medium, and dark values of the fabrics.

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