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Teresa Ascone

Teresa  Ascone

Teresa Ascone portrays impressions of nature in a distinctive, romanticized style, featuring flowers, animals, and landscapes. She has worked in watercolor, acrylics, oils, and pastels.

Teresa taught watercolor for more than 25 years, which led to her two books, We’re All Artists: Watercolor for Everyone and Painting Pleasure: Adventures in Watercolor, and The Ultimate Palette, for which she holds a design patent. She created UAA’s Ultimate Watercolor Academy. Its success resulted in her nomination for the UAA 2000 Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence. An award-winning PBS-produced video, Landscapes of the Imagination-The Art of Teresa Ascone, honored her in 1988.

Lately, Teresa’s artwork has taken a whimsical turn with her fairy tales. Her second tale, Alaska Berry Fairies ~ Lizzie Scarlet, received the December 2010 Reviewer’s Choice Award at Midwest Book Review’s Children’s Bookwatch.

“Once I began to paint, my perceptions of the world around me changed and it was as if I saw everything through a lens of creativity – how would I paint those clouds, that tree - how to make that particular shade of green?

The lure of wielding magic has kept me engaged in the world of art. Yes, magic – because there is something magical about the way a two dimensional object can be created in such a way as to portray three dimensions, attracting the viewer to walk into the realm of the painting. My art continues to evolve and new tools come into play – computer design programs add even more magic to the mix as my pencils and paint become a launching pad into different realms.

For the most part, I am a traditional, representational artist. It might be more accurate to portray my art as “romanticized idealism” – I like making things that are beautiful or colorful. A touch of whimsey doesn’t hurt, either – hence my fantasy artwork.

Who among us can gaze upon the wild creatures, mountains shining with alpenglow, the flowers and foliage of the wilderness, or smooth, soft layers of fresh snow - and not be humbled by nature? These elements of the Earth will eternally call to me--to admire, to paint, to sculpt them and communicate the wonder.”

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