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Josephine Kimberling

Josephine  Kimberling

Art and creativity have been a consistent thread throughout Josephine’s life – from daydreaming about make-believe adventures as a child to writing poetry and experimenting with new creative mediums. She’s always needed to express herself creatively - to get her voice out through her hands. Even at five years old, she knew deep inside there was the calling of her heart: to be an artist. Born and raised in California, she would eventually move to the urban Pacific Northwest in the late 1990s to attend the Art Institute of Seattle. Here she would graduate with a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration. After earning a position as textile designer for Nordstrom shortly thereafter, the opportunity would allow her artistic passions for fashion and pattern to come together and flourish.

While growing up in the sunshine of laid back California, she was initially drawn to the offbeat stylings from the ‘60s-‘70s - the unique colors mixed with such magnificent patterns. She was definitely attracted to the one-of-a-kind and enjoyed expressing her creativity through fashion. Today, creating surface pattern is her true passion. She enjoys mixing patterns together for unique combinations that fit a certain mood or personal style and the detail involved in creating an intricate paisley. Her different color combinations can truly transform a look. She creates patterns that utilize current trends but with her own distinctive touch. She peers over the horizon to fix her mind on the next thing to discover or create a new color story or pattern direction.

Josephine combines her love of modern style and eclectic prettiness into her signature style of prints. Having worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years, she has created hundreds of patterns for Nordstrom's BP clothing line. In fact, her own prints are even for sale worldwide through a well-known art representative in London. Along with her work in the fashion industry, she has designed stationery and gift-wrap products for one of the most well-known card manufacturers – Hallmark.

Josephine currently lives in beautiful Seattle, Washington with her husband Jake – who is not only wonderful, but also her best friend and the pinnacle of support for her creative ambitions.

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