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February 13 Creative

  February 13 Creative

February 13 creative is a full-service studio specializing in graphic design and illustration for celebration. You might be wondering, what exactly does that mean—“design and illustration for celebration”? So here’s the skinny...

They realized a long time ago that the creative work they most enjoy tends to be about celebrating. Maybe it’s the birth of a new member of the family. Maybe it’s an intimate dinner for you and your valentine. Maybe it’s an over-the-top fête for your folks’ 50th wedding anniversary. Maybe it’s just Friday.

Think of it! Every day, every moment, there are people out there celebrating things—from the very, very big to the very, very small. Do you have any idea how much fun stuff there is to design for celebrating? Well, you’ve got your greeting cards, announcements, invitations, and giftwrap, just for starters. But what about the gorgeous pattern on the tablecloth and the label on the wine bottle and the funky wall art sprucing up the dining room? Yeah, it’s all part of the celebration. And that’s what they’re all about—celebrating every day with fabulous art and design.

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