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Laurie Wisbrun

Laurie  Wisbrun

Laurie’s aesthetic is about finding beauty in ordinary objects and patterns and playfully transforming them into designs with an ‘everyday special’ appeal. Her patterns are whimsical and fun, yet have a sophistication that makes her work unique.  

She relocated back to Austin in 2008 leaving behind an all-consuming Manhattan-based marketing career to establish a creatively meaningful business based on her distinct creative vision. Her design sensibility has been shaped by her family’s celebration of creativity and her  continued engagement with art as a refuge from a busy life. The initial inspiration for a design can come from anywhere – a rainy day on  vacation in Greece provided the initial idea for her Donkeys/Wellingtons print, and the wallpaper in her Avian Therapy print was inspired by the ironwork of a brownstone near her apartment during her time living in Brooklyn, NY.  

Her designs translate seamlessly into wallpaper, stationery, paper goods, giftware, home decor, tabletop and textiles.

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