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Erin Dollar

Erin  Dollar

Erin Dollar is an artist and textile designer, known for the minimalist modern designs she creates for her home decor company, Cotton & Flax. She currently lives in San Diego, California, where she uses traditional methods and materials like sumi ink and block printing to design her original patterns.

Erin draws inspiration from the beautifully imperfect nature of handmade work, and strives to maintain that wabi-sabi aesthetic in her designs. In creating balanced, minimal geometric patterns, Erin takes elements from her daily life, and distills them into deceptively simple modern designs.

After studying fine art printmaking at UC Santa Cruz, Erin continued her studio practice and produced new prints from a cooperative printmaking studio in Portland, Oregon. She began a series of experimental printmaking projects on textiles in 2010, and spent two years refining her aesthetic vision and perfecting her screenprinting process before launching Cotton & Flax, a collection of her textile designs.

As Cotton & Flax grows, Erin continues to explore the connections between art and craft, and shares her love of printmaking by hosting hands-on block printing workshops in California. Erin is inspired by the vibrant and inclusive West Coast design community, and loves collaborating with other artists to create new products and special projects. A long time admirer of modern quilters, Erin has recently started some new quilting projects, inspired by the incredibly talented artists she's encountered at QuiltCon and beyond.




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