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Robert Kaufman Fabrics from Kate Ward Thacker

AKO-14290-267 ADVENTURE from Greetings From Texas
AKO-14291-2 BLACK from Greetings From Texas
AKO-14291-84 CREAM from Greetings From Texas
AKO-14400-16 BROWN from The Old West
AKO-14401-3 RED from The Old West
AKO-14401-67 DENIM from The Old West

AKO-14402-14 NATURAL from The Old West
AKO-14403-2 BLACK from The Old West
AKO-14404-14 NATURAL from The Old West
AKO-14404-16 BROWN from The Old West
AKO-14089-195 BRIGHT from All Aboard
AKO-14090-184 CHARCOAL from All Aboard

AKO-14091-2 BLACK from Band of Horses
AKO-14091-14 NATURAL from Band of Horses
AKO-14091-171 MAHOGANY from Band of Horses
AKO-14092-200 VINTAGE from Band of Horses
AKO-12936-154 CHAMPAGNE from Vineyard Collection
AKO-12699-164 CIDER from Halloween Postcard

AKO-12734-83 VINTAGE WHITE from Horse Sketches

  While every effort is made to represent color accurately, every monitor is different and we cannot guarantee the colors you see match the colors of actual fabric.

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