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Licensed Artwork Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting artwork to Robert Kaufman. Please review the following guidelines first. Because we receive a high volume of art submissions, it is only fair to let you know that we choose to work with only a very small percentage of the artists who approach us. We strongly suggest that you check our web site and the sites of our major retailers to see if your work is a good match with the designs we carry.

We are looking for artists...

We will consider artwork regardless of whether it is in textile repeat or not. Concepts developed for items other than textiles are acceptable and do not need to be in printable textile format. Please submit 5-10 images that represent the range of your work. We prefer not to return submitted samples, however we will accommodate requests for returns. Each color copy, digital image or disk should be labeled with contact information. We will also accept links to work samples on your website.

We will try to respond within 30 days of your submission. Feel free to contact us again by e-mail if you have not received a response after that time. Due to the volume of submissions received, phone calls cannot be accepted. You will be notified by e-mail if we decide against your submission. We encourage you to submit more work; many artists choose to send us images on a regular basis to keep us updated about their latest work.

After initial review we may request high-resolution files (ideally layered), and we will explain which category of our business the artwork is being considered for. At this stage, we would probably not have a release date selected.

The next stage would be to clearly spell out our mutual understanding. We do this with a licensing contract that details our rights, obligations, and royalty payments. Once agreed to and signed, we will welcome you into our family of artists.

If submitting digitally, please follow the formats suggested below for ease of printing:

Thank you in advance for following these requests and making our review process a little easier!

Send email submissions to:

By Postal Mail:

Robert Kaufman Company
Attn: Artist Submissions
129 W. 132nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90061

By Parcel Post:

PO Box 59266
Greenmead Station
Los Angeles, CA 90059-0266




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